Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Quick pictures update on ADSR

 Exp.attack at 0.4 and sustain level at 7/8 ( 20 Ms div)

A quick update to show that first try, worked as expected. Spent a few good hours in the process of starting to optimize the different building blocks id gathered, and make them interact. Tried to keep it as readable as possible and document the little quirks, and possible variations, references, etc in the implementation methods.
We have officially an ADSR with variable exponential attack, variable "decay-sustain ratio" ( allows both bypassing the sustain stage, and also looping/extending the sustain stage ), and variable duration/period... For now !

Next comes LFO's from all the wavetables available, simple filters, and start implementing simple convolution reverb. Lets see how far can i  "push the envelope" ( No pun intended).

Square wave and exp.attack at 0.5 ( .2 s Div )

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