Saturday, 2 November 2013

A DP32 chipKit from Dangerous prototypes... for free ?!? Yes Please !!

As some of you might have noticed, i love to dig into,  learn with, bash my head against, and ultimately discover new platforms. In my perspective it is essential to develop new and wide skills that ultimately will make one a better prepared and experienced programmer and engineer !
Recently i have been looking into the PIC32 as the most probable option to the Retro-inspired drum-synth i been developing for quite a while now, despite the fact i been using several chips along the way to develop ideas for the final version.

So, i took my chance and proposed an idea i been working in for a while, as part of a Dangerous Prototypes give-away with Microchip and Diligent in the form of a contest .
And guess what ?! I won !

Another winner is Ras B, and his idea for a CHipKit version of a Retro-Inspired Cynare Drum Synth scored him a chipKIT DP 32:
Id use the DP32 to make a CHipKit version of a Retro-Inspired Cynare Drum Synth( ADSR with variable exponential attack, LFO’s included) and some additional features ( Modulation related Like phaser, flanger and some basic reverb and delay- This through an additional memory chip to allow some leverage in the chips memory limitations) 
I am still working on implementing some of it, while a lot of it i have or am currently implementing it
* Funny thing was i was actually working on it when , during a break, i came across the news that i'd won !! :) .

I have already worked with the dip version of the PIC32 , even posted about it.
And i am not sure as yet, if all these features are all possible in a DIP version of it ( as it only runs at around 40 MHz, compared with th 80MHz of SMD versions).
But i vow to make a lighter version ( if need be) for the dip version, as i love it myself.
There are some limitations that might become an issue to take it as far as intend , due to the abstraction created by higher level languages as the "Arduino-based" used by the MPIDE. But, bit by bit (pass the pun) , i intend to present any limitations i might come across and reference them, so it helps anyone else !

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