Thursday, 29 March 2012

After realizing that Arduino has spread all around, despite the fact that i am a PIC man myself, but still i decided to give it a go, and start working on implement it with some of the projects i normally build. 
So intention is to develop a way of introducing an LCD, and interface control with the Arduino, and if not enough with the Atmel itself...
Intention is to have a nice graphic display of volume, specific relevant controls, etc, all through it...
So we wuld end up with an analog siren with top notch digital complements that would make them a few steps further in quality and number of sounds and features that a siren ( with or without delay) can offer...
All to make soundsystems, and DJ's armed with up-to-date sound gear.
Gonna take a while to develop the code, experiment etc, but im sure ill love it all the way !!
PS-also seriously thinking of making DIY kits available soon, at least for some of the more basic builds, for those who want to build their own sirens, but dont have much knowledge to do it on their own...
So with nice tutorials, professional built PCB's, and the kit with necessary components, anyone with a steady hand and a bit of patient will be able to do it !!
If anyone has any ideas or opinions they would like to share in this field/question please let me know !!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

4 Pots, a momentary push button for triggering style, a toggle switch between permanent on siren and the push button.
two other switches with different capacitance, giving different oscillations.
Sounds like quick rising sirens are abound in this add on siren, that complements the other already shown

Testing it with the delay around the HT8972 IC ( cheap enough to have in a siren, at least if you want a budget thing).

New dub siren and basic "SIREN" delay ( around HT8972 Digital delay)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Some videos of the dubsiren i been working on. This was the first batch model, and still available.
My intention after researching all the models out there ( NJD, SE10, etc) was to build one that was the most versatile. So i ended with this model where instead of presets style( through a rotary switch), went with the free form style of dubsiren as it makes all the sounds the others do and many more.
PS- contact me if you want to know more details or even order one. !

Blessings everyone.
Ill be using this blog for the many stuff related to music, electronic, analog gear , a bit of DAW as well, etc...
Will also be using it to show some of my creations and works in electronics that i build ( both for me and for others, when asked to ).
Give thanks