Friday, 4 May 2012

DubWorks Alpha II Siren Generator with Arduino

©DubWorks Alpha II Siren Generator  with Arduino 
So, here is one of the first versions of a simple siren, adjustable in rate and speed of ramp-up/down.
This is just a initial test and more complex will be, as soon as i finish my tests. Intend to include some drum synth type of sounds through sound synthesis  as well as the analog side of it, all with values relayed by the LCD.
Some other effects will also be available through microcontroller side of things( phaser, delay and reverb, etc). Will be a slow pain staking project but its coming in good terms as will be much more modern compared tro what the analog side of things can give us.
Also started to look into some DSP uC's like dsPic series from Microchip © 
Some ideas you can use as starting point

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