Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Microchip just sent me a development board of 16 and 32 bits uC's, including their DSP/DSC ones (which are focused for processing of signals, like audio and video, etc) and the PIC32MX as well . So id say that for a year at least, ill have a lot on my hands towards working on some nice effects processors... Wasnt gonna do something with PIC's, but considering PINGUINO has made it much easier work with the PIC32mx uC's, im definitely going to work with them...Cant say no to an *80Mhz likkle microcontroller, can i , when compared to the 8 Bits 16 Mhz from Atmel...Yeah, thats why !!

*80Mhz is only in the smt versions, as the DIP only do 40 Mhz im told...Nevertheless, is quite a difference from 8 to 32 bits and 16Mhz to 40 mhz, wouldnt you say ?!?

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