Thursday, 4 October 2012

Arduino Due is to finally be released on the 22nd of October

So, from Massimo's presentation at Maker Faire this weekend, the word is out that the Arduino Due is to finally be released on the 22nd of October for US $49. The board will run @ 84 Mhz based on Atmel's ARM-Cortex M3-processor based MCU (32-bit) SAM3X8E.
There are a few very neat features in the DUE, namely a USB On The Go port to allow makers and tinkerers to connect keyboards, mice, smartphones, etc...
A few DUE boards have already made it into the hands of important people in the Arduino community, it seems.

The PDF handed included:
Arduino DUE
The Arduino  Due is the newcomer  microcontroller board in the Arduino  boards  family.  lt's the first board based on a 32 bit processor  (Atmel SAM3X8E  ARM Cortex-M3  N/CU),  which improves  all the standard Arduino  functionalities  and adds manv new features.
The arduino DUE offers 54 digital input/output pins (of which 16 can be used as PWM outputs,  with selectable  resolution),  12 analog inputs with 12 bits of resolution,  4 UARTs  (hardware  serial ports), two DAC (digitalto  analog  converter)  outputs,  an 84 MHz crystal  oscillator,  two USB connections,  a power jack, an ICSP  header,  a JTAC  header,  and a reset button.
The Due has two micro USB connectors:  one intended  for debugging  purposes  and a second  one capable  of acting  as a USB  host,  allowing  external  USB peripherals  such as mouse,  keyboards,  smartphones, etc. to be connected  to the Arduino  Due.

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