Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Endeavours with Robots and Sonar type App

Sonar type graphical app with Ultra Sonic range measurement module Model: SEN136B5B from seedstudio, Atmel Mega2560 test, to use in a robot.
 Was done using Processing language and the Ultra Sonic range measurement is programmed using Wiring Language/Arduino ( As its for a robot). Implementation will be an autonomous obstacle avoiding robot, as first instance to be upgraded incrementally !

Sonar App with ProcessingUltra Sonic range measurement module Model: SEN136B5B

Based on work and code, with 2 different sensors  @ http://luckylarry.co.uk/arduino-projects/arduino-processing-make-a-radar-screen-part-3-visualising-the-data-from-sharp-infrared-range-finder/


  1. Hello I am from Portugal too, can you post the code for this?

    1. look at this : http://www.faweiz.com/blog/blog/an-arduino-radar-installation-make/


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