Tuesday, 8 May 2012

another of the tests of sounds of the Arduino Dub siren

So, here is one another of the tests of sounds to be included in the final version of the Arduino Dub siren .It Is adjustable in rate and pitch and goes from slow to quick fast sirens and ramp bursts.
ill .make the code available later when finished .

These are just part of my initial tests, as im still in the code development stage. Will include LCD, most of the normal Dub siren sounds( including some more close to a synare) and also delay, phaser etc effects( probably to be released only at a later stage so it comes out quickly and in two diff version) Been a bit of a pain in the back as i had to get used to the arduino language and platform but been worth it

Also have received some sponsorship from a spanish online Arduino shop, so all is good ( will develop more on that soon). Here it is their link. http://www.ardumania.es/

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